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Currently I am a Postgraduate Research student at John Moores University in Liverpool in the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences.  I am currently attempting to complete an MPhil, and my research interest is security in Systems-of-Systems.  More specifically I am looking at the integration of security policies within these systems-of-systems.  That is to say that I am considering how the different languages of policies can be rendered compatible despite differences in structure and semantics; as well as dealing with problems associated with reconciling those policies.  My research is being supervised by Professors Qi Shi and Madjid Merabti.

Aside from my research work at LJMU, I’m have been involved in another research project being led by Professor Shi, Dr David Llewellyn-Jones and Dr Kashif Kifayat (formally also Dr Bo Zhou) along with Thales Research and Technology (UK) Ltd that is looking at the an area similar to my research. Another research student, Abdullahi Arabo, is also working on this project whilst doing his PhD.

I did my undergraduate degree (BSc (Hons)) at The University of Hull, graduating in 2007 with First Class Honours. I spent my first year at Hull living in Halls of Residence at the ‘interesting’ Needler Hall…a great place, with great people (when I was there anyway!). Following my graduation I became a Professional Member of the British Computing Society, thus earning the letters MBCS after my name (I’m so proud!!!).

I’ve had a couple of jobs before I landed at LJMU. In January 2003 I started working at the Press Association in Howden as a Data Input Processor. This job was cool and basically involved listening to (live) Football Commentary and inputting the relevant data into the application. Brilliant!!!
Finally, after graduating I got a job as a Software Developer at Sandford Technology. This role didn’t last long unfortunately – sometimes these things just don’t work out. I did enjoy it though, the people were really nice, and it helped me decide what I want to do for my career – I did want to be a software developer, but I’m really comfortable with my academic research, it stretches me and I enjoy it…I could do it for the rest of my career!

Currently, obviously I’m living in Liverpool – and a very nice city it is! However, I was born in York District Hospital and lived all of my life in the small East Yorkshire town of Howden until I moved in 2007. Honestly though, I’m a quiet, country lad at heart…moving back to my roots when I’ve finished my studies in Liverpool is something that I’m looking forward to – and that is as good a reason as any to get the PhD done ASAP!!!

I’m a season ticket holder and huge fan of Hull City football club. I am so proud of their survival after their debut season in the Premier League. I’m also a big fan of Formula One, Software Development, Reading (specifically Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Mystery and a little bit of Horror!) and Computer Gaming (I frequent Xbox Live, well, frequently!).

I am a bit of a gadget freak as well – I just love my gadgets! I suppose it stems from a love of computing and has gone on from there. However I have recently been “culling” the number of gadgets that I have – in fact I sold my Asus Eee PC just before Christmas. My most recent gadget-related purchase was a Toshiba Gigashot K80H HD Camcorder…fun and frolics await – it’s first recordings were of the 2010 harvest at home on my Grandma’s farm.


The Diaries of a Software Engineer

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